Founded in 1965 by Jim Eiler, The Prince Street Players, Ltd. began a new era in Family Theatre. Starting in a loft on Prince Street in New York City as a repertory company and then expanding rapidly to include several touring companies playing East Coast "Stock" theatres and schools, the reputation quickly spread and Prince Street Players became a leading name in quality Family Theatre on Broadway and Network Television.

    That reputation has been upheld for over thirty years as the Company performed to great acclaim both nationally and internationally. Although no longer touring, the Eleven Musical Shows are being performed worldwide. Scripts and scores are available to be leased for performance by schools and theatres through Music Theatre International. Each script sent out by MTI includes production notes, costume & set sketches and a wealth of information to help each presenter produce a polished theatre event. These musicals are designed to be performed by adults or young adults for family audiences, and are considered by many to be "simply the best around".

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The Prince Street Players Ltd.

Collection of Shows

Featuring scores by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy in Classic Broadway style, each title can be performed by as few as 10 people, or can be expanded to include full choruses. Click on the following show titles for more information.

Aladdin | Alice In Wonderland | Cinderella | The Emperor's New Clothes | Jack & The Beanstalk  Pinocchio | A Pocketful Of Rhymes | Sleeping Beauty | Snow White Goes West | Treasure Island  The Wizard Of Oz | Prince Street Staff Contact

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